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Ocker Brethren Church is a congregation of the Unity of the Brethren denomination.


The Unity of the Brethren has its beginnings in Bohemia in 1415 after John Hus was burned at the stake for his belief that the Bible should be in the common language of the people and that the cup should be available to all peoples. His call for reform was met with resistance. He was excommunicated, condemned and burned at the stake. His followers developed a fellowship, and in 1457 they formally organized as the Unitas Fratum. Persecution took its toll and the fellowship relocated. Some followed John Comenius to Poland, others migrated to Germany and formed the Moravian church, and in 1850 a group migrated to America. They organized the first congregation in Wesley, Texas in 1864. In 1903, several congregations united to form what is presently known as the Unity of the Brethren.


Under the leadership of Reverend Adolph Chlumsky, Ocker Brethren Church organized in 1892. The first church building was dedicated in 1893 and in 1931 the current church building was erected.


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"In Essentials, Unity; in Non-essentials, Liberty; in All things, Love"

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