Where are meeting for Worship?

  • We will be meeting in the Faith Hall.  We ask that you enter in through the fellowship hall double doors closest to the front parking lot and proceed to the Faith Hall where there will be somebody to help you find a seat.  

  • If you, or your family are handicap and need to enter through the back doors of the fellowship hall, please alert one of the Elders/Ushers and they will meet you outside in the back of the building and help transport you to a seat.

  • At the front of the Faith Hall (by the fellowship hall), we will have hand sanitizer available. 

Are you going to require us to wear a mask?

  • While not mandated, it is suggested that masks to be worn although we understand that is a personal decision.

  • We ARE asking that you maintain proper social distancing from other individuals outside your family unit.

What about seating?

  • We have done our best to space out the rows and chairs to best maintain social distancing guidelines of six feet.  

  • We ask that you sit with your family unit and leave at least two chairs distance between you/your family unit and other family units.

  • There will be some Elders assigned to monitor the above arrangement.

What is Worship Going to be like?

  • Be patient with our audio in the Faith Hall.  Because of the fire, we will be meeting there for the foreseeable future.  We did purchase a new portable sound system and we are happily figuring that out.

  • Also, please understand that worship will be condensed for a few weeks due to the restrictions/suggestions provided to us by the Governor.

  • Because of the virus, it is not healthy to hand bulletins out.  That will change in the near future, but for now, please understand why we don't have bulletins for you.  

  • Also, because of the fire, we do not have hymnals for the congregation to sing with.  We do have a large TV installed for the Faith Hall.

  • Due to health concerns, and in accordance with the Governor's suggested guidelines for church worship, we will not be passing an offering plate.  Instead, we ask that you put your tithe in a basket, which will be clearly marked at the back of the Faith Hall.

  • In an effort to maintain spatial distancing, we are not going to have a children's message, but we hope that will be very temporary.

  • Finally, we ask that you maintain spatial distancing while exiting the building (the same way you came in).  We understand that people will want to visit with one another, we ask that you do so outside, as much as possible.

What about Sunday School?

  • Sunday School is now available during Worship for nursery through Grade 4. 

What about childcare and Children's Church?

  • Unfortunately, we will not be having childcare or children's church for the first few weeks. 

  •  Please don't let that stop you from coming. The sound of children during worship means that we are a healthy church.  I can preach with kids playing tag around the podium if I need to, I have done it before.


What about livestream worship on Facebook?


  • We will continue to livestream and/or record the worship service and post it on our Facebook page for those who do not feel comfortable attending service or can't attend service.  

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