March 17, 2020

Hello Church Family,


I know this has been an unusual week for all of us.  I want you all to know that Ocker is dedicated to helping not only our church members but also our community as we all try to navigate this difficult situation together.  Please know that we are still here and ready to aid in any way we can.  


As I am sure many of you are aware by now, the President and his health advisory board recommend that people practice social distancing and not meet together in groups of ten or more for at least the next fifteen days.  As of now, this is not mandatory, but it is recommended. If followed, this would affect all of our gatherings during the week and (of course) our Sunday morning bible study and worship services. 

The board has discussed this issue and has unanimously recommended we cancel all church activities for the recommended 15 days, at which time we will reassess the situation.  In addition, if things change for the better before the fifteen days is up, we will re-evaluate and let you all know.

As many of you know, I resisted canceling worship last Sunday, despite the many church cancellations in the area, because I believed the need to meet together as Christians was stronger than the potential health threat it would pose to our members.  I now believe that it is our Christian duty to protect our elderly members (and the general congregation/community) by not meeting. 

However, we will have a live stream service on Facebook live at 10:15 on Sunday morning.  Please log in and watch.

It is my hope that, during this hard time, we can be the helpers and healers Christ has called us to be.  Please, lets all try to find ways to help those who are most in need...certainly that is what Christ would have us do.  

Your Pastor,


Brad Herridge



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